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Best Stories of the Day

Can’t get enough of them!

Mel Gibson v. Joe Eszterhas

IN which Joe release tapes of Mel exploding (you knew that was coming) - but nothing in the tapes backs up Joe’s claims of Mel’s Anti-Semitism or death threats. Q: Why was Joe hired in the first place? No one in Hollywood has worked with him for years due to bad work/bad attitude.

Bo Xilai Scandal Continues - drags another Chinese politician down

Cant get enough of this weird story.

A. O. Scott reviews the Lucky One - hilarious! reminds us why all Nicholas Sparks movies are interchangeable

The Secret Service/Colombian hooker scandal: Why you always pay your hookers ahead of time! (just ask Dominique Strauss Kahn)

On your next vacation to Cabo - don’t swim in the ocean. HUGE great white shark captured in Sea of Cortez

FINALLY - its’ not the Start Trek transporter, but it’s close. New tube transportation being developed.

The Assad’s strike again in a misguided PR campaign - posing for pics passing out food in a city THEy are bombing

ABC paid Casey Anthony $200K for “photos” - basically paying for her defense, Nice.

The world most expensive divorce, Russian style. Fascinating!

The chicken definitely came before the egg.

Mugabe dies his hair, get Botox - Just like Putin, Berlusconi and a ton of other dictators - just like middle aged women!

Iraq - just as i predicted - no better with no Uncle Sam, on verge of civil war